Grassroot Workshop

For the Design & The City Conference, Citizen Data Lab (HvA) in collaboration with  TRADERS will host the workshop Creating Grassroots Initiative Blueprints by Mapping The City. You are invited to participate in this workshop which will take place on April 22nd 2016 from 10 a.m - 5 p.m at TBA in Amsterdam.

In the workshop,  the tool Measuring Amsterdam will be explored and a co-creation session will be held in which the collectively retrieved datasets will be explored as a valuable approach to set up/enable grassroots initiatives on a neighbourhood scale.


The blueprints contain all the elements that are needed for locals to start an own grassroots initiative or they can be used to kickstart an already existing initiative. The blueprint can help recognise stakeholders involved and it can function as a basis to create a story. Working with a narrative around a specific issue is important when striving for participation in setting up grassroots initiatives. We will discuss the kinds of data-sets that the tool produce and what other datasets are necessary to improve the story. Last but not least, we will debate about other similar initiatives.

Want to join?

Would you like to participate in the workshop? You can register for this workshop by going to the following link. You can apply for this workshop until the 1st of March

Registration fee is 25 E.